Friday the 13th often does not affect me. Even when going through the tunnel through LAX, I did not hold my breath and make a wish due to the heavy traffic en route to Terminal One. Friday the 13th should be like any day of the year, right? Friday, July 13, 2007 would hold an exception to that rule. After being rushed from my house to LAX, I was in for a flight to remember.

My flight to San Jose was delayed by an hour. It can't be helped. Luckily, my doctor's appointment was scheduled at a later time. At 1:40PM, I boarded my Southwest flight. Smooth sailing, right? Wrong. Halfway through the flight, I noticed we were way below cruising altitude and going faster than normal. It was not obvious until we began our descent into San Jose. Typically, it would be a smooth descent. Wrong. It was a rather rough, rapid descent to SJC. I nearly thought that something bad would happen, but at least I arrived safely.

Next point. My doctor's appointment. They didn't take my insurance. Neither was the receptionist pleasant about it. In fact, she thought I did not speak a word of English. Tom and I left the doctor's office. At this point, I needed something sweet to soothe the bitterness. To Dippin' Dots and Harry Potter!

Suffice to say, because of the weather, we really didn't feel like taking pictures of our Harry Potter outfits when we went to see movie five. All we can really say about the fifth cinematic installment is that it beats reading the book. 

Third point. Tom realizes his tires could be flat. This is bad for the three hour drive to Sacramento. However, Jiffy Lube fixed the problem in no time. Thus, began our road trip to our state's capital. The drive was pretty smooth. We stopped by Fry's to get a new adapter for our Zen Micro, but alas, another unlucky point - the adapter kept skipping. So, we had to stick with Tom's original adapter.

Also, once we were in downtown Sacramento, the Map Quest directions were not clear as to where to exit and which free way to take to get to the Red Lion Inn. Tom and I were lost in the Sacramento suburbs. Yet, we managed to make it to the Red Lion Inn after a many trial and error. 

Just when we thought our hotel group was missing in action, we ran into Claudine who had a hotel key on her. At this point, I was so tired, I was ready for bed. Tom was starving. So, we decided to do a late night run at Denny's. We ran into the rest of our hotel crew by then.

We got back to our hotel room. As Tom unloaded his car, Bart Boy and friends were infatuated by Tom's firearms collection. Not to mention, Tom brought his pet snake, Johnny Cochran. Don't worry guys, it's only a rubber snake, but our hotel roomies were fooled! We winded down the night by watching the second installment of the Matrix. 

The very next morning, Bart Boy informed us about gang violence that occurred earlier in the day at around 3AM. Luckily, no one was hurt. Otherwise, we got ourselves ready for the big weekend. Nothing like starting out your day with crazy Saturday morning cartoons. In our case, we watched HBO's "I Spy." According to Tom and Claudine, it felt like watching pr0n from the 1980s. The picture will be clear, but then everything fades into a blur. 

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